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Refinance of independent motel with

Fixed SBA 7(a) Loan in Tennessee

Vacation Lodge
Pigeon Forge, TN

Many hoteliers in smaller markets do not have access to the vast supply of lenders and diverse programs available in larger metropolitan areas and are often at the mercy of the few local banks. It is a myth that the best customer service is offered by the local lenders. Customer service quality stems from the lender’s business and operational strategies regardless of its location or size. Scientific Capital works closely with the hoteliers understanding their specific financing demands based on their short to long term investment and operational plans to offer financing that is the most suitable option for them. As an example, the owner of the Vacation Lodge was specifically interested in longer term amortization schedule and fixed rate. Scientific Capital then packaged a 25 year amortization loan that is fixed for the first five years resetting every five years for the the following five years for the full term of the loan (25 years). For a hotel in such a seasonal market, the terms of our programs translate into long-term stability allowing our client to focus on the business and the operations rather than continued pre-occupation with the financing matters.

What Our Client Thinks of Us

Hello Ramin
I wish to take this opportunity to express my feelings towards my refinancing project for vacation lodge. I want to convey my deepest sense of gratefulness to you for an amazing job you have done. I want to tell my fellow hoteliers, who are looking for financing their hotels that Ramin is highly sophisticated and educated person to handle any complex situation in hotel finance. His engineering background makes him a detail oriented person and he pays very minute attention to the smallest part of financing. During my closing there were many time I was actually thankful that there was someone like Ramin was between me and the bank. He exactly knows what bank wants and then he present it to bank in most effective way without touching to the facts. I think he has contacts with hundreds of banks and he can make a custom match for your hotel loan. I was insisting only on fixed rate loan where 90 % of banks wanted only variable rates. He not only found two willing banks to do a fixed rate loan, but actually makes banks to offer me wide range of options too. My hotel was an independent hotel in economy segment and Ramin knew exactly which banks are doing these type of hotels. From my first tax return to closing documents and even all confirmation of fund transfer after closing, he was very attentive and virtually present thru email and phone. I will strongly recommend any hotel owner to contact Ramin for their loan requirement. I will also request Ramin to feel free to give my contact information to any future clients who is looking for referrals.

Thank you so so much Ramin.
Akhil Banker
Vacation Lodge
Akhil Banker visiting us at the 2018 AAHOA tradeshow in Washington DC
Akhil Banker visiting us at the 2015 AAHOA

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