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Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate others have resulted in a successful completion of our loan for the Galleria Properties. Lala Enterprises and I, truly appreciate your efforts and the assistance you offered to us in accomplishing this goal. Working from a remote location and having others to provide you with very sensitive personal and financial information is not an easy task. Your polite yet firm and consistent mental as well as physical energy that was exerted in order to achieve a purpose is very commending. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your superior work and I look forward to work with you on our future projects.f I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Abdul Lala

Holiday Inn, Hoover, Alabama

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Ramin, what a guy, he is very calm and understanding from the beginning to the end. Ramin helps evaluate a property to make sure it’s a good fit, cash-flow wise, and how its set with the competition. There was a few hiccups within the deal, but with Ramin’s positive attitude and can do mentality we kept pushing and acquired this wonderful motel. Everyone from the appraisal firm, Choice Hotels, survey company, underwriters all mentioned in email communications how detail-orientated and prompt he is on getting items done. Ramin’s follow up on skills is legendary, border line hall of fame status. Ramin pushed this sale so well that we closed on this property one day before the end of the year. This is our second property we have financed with Ramin, and I see we will do more business with him in the future. Ramin deserves more praise than this review can give, you wont be disappointed if you seek his help in all your financing needs. Ramin is definitely getting compimentalry hotel stay if he and his family decided to visit Kansas City.

Ajay and Vaishu Bharti

Quality Inn Of Platte City, MO

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I wish to take this opportunity to express my feelings towards my refinancing project for vacation lodge. I want to convey my deepest sense of gratefulness to you for an amazing job you have done. I want to tell my fellow hoteliers, who are looking for financing their hotels that Ramin is highly sophisticated and educated person to handle any complex situation in hotel finance. His engineering background makes him a detail oriented person and he pays very minute attention to the smallest part of financing. During my closing there were many time I was actually thankful that there was someone like Ramin was between me and the bank. He exactly knows what bank wants and then he present it to bank in most effective way without touching to the facts. I think he has contacts with hundreds of banks and he can make a custom match for your hotel loan. I was insisting only on fixed rate loan where 90 % of banks wanted only variable rates. He not only found two willing banks to do a fixed rate loan, but actually makes banks to offer me wide range of options too. My hotel was an independent hotel in economy segment and Ramin knew exactly which banks are doing these type of hotels. From my first tax return to closing documents and even all confirmation of fund transfer after closing, he was very attentive and virtually present thru email and phone. I will strongly recommend any hotel owner to contact Ramin for their loan requirement. I will also request Ramin to feel free to give my contact information to any future clients who is looking for referrals.

Akhil Banker

Vacation Lodge, Pigeon Forge, TN

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I don’t have enough words to thank you for all of your help with the closing of Comfort Inn, Pinehurst, NC. I have been in the hotel business for 20+ years and have never done an SBA loan. I was concerned with this loan to begin with and was not ready to do an SBA loan. Not only you convinced me that the SBA loan was the right call, but you also assured that my first SBA loan would be done as smoothly as possible. It has been an amazing experience working with you Ramin; You are not only prompt, reliable, and efficient but also give excellent attention to detail. I am very impressed with your working style as you are an honest and reliable man with great principles. You are also very well connected with various banks and has years of experience regarding the financing of hotels. I saw that you have an incredible passion for your work and I greatly appreciate all that you have done for our loan as you stepped above and beyond and did all that was necessary for a smooth transaction. I strongly recommend you to any hotelier for a hotel financing loan. Your are the very best in the industry. With this transaction I have established a long lasting relationship with you. The Shri Hotel Group greatly appreciates all of your help. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your commendable job. Thank you again Ramin.

Akshat Patel

Comfort Inn, Pinehurst, North Carolina

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We as a couple run a number of hotels in Bend Oregon. We were trying to refinance our properties and we found Ramin. It was a great experience to work with him. He was so helpful in getting all the paperwork done on time. Ramin is so friendly to work with and so helpful in getting everything done properly and professionally. We trust Ramin with his advice and definitely can rely on his words. If we ever need any refinancing in the future Ramin is the person we would go back to. Thank you Ramin for all your work, help and patience.

Ashwani and Sajal Kumar

Days Inn And Rodeway Inn, Bend, OR

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Ramin: Thank you so very much for your help with the closing of the Grand Plaza Hotel in Branson, Missouri. I first worked with you on the closing of the Quality Inn in Platte City, Missouri and was extremely impressed. When we were in need of referring a lender to our client, you were the first person I thought of. The fact that you are on top of all things associated with the transaction and kept everyone in the loop was a big part of the reason that this purchase was closed! Your professional expertise and ability to solve problems is quite amazing. I have been in this business for over 30 years and can say you are one in a million. I look forward to working with you and recommending you to our customers for many years to come! Thanks again Ramin. You’re the best!!

Beth Pendarvis
Southeast International Hotel Brokers

To begin the process I was a skeptic, but to anyone looking to do an SBA refinance on your hotel property I would definitely recommend Ramin with Scientific Capital Group.&nbsp I have never worked with a more tenacious professional. I wouldn’t have made it through the process without Ramin working every detail with my staff. I have done commercial banking work for many years and have not run into anyone who worked as hard to put a deal together as he did. I would definitely recommend Scientific Capital to anyone looking at an SBA program for your property.

Bill Vivlamore

Fairbanks Regency Hotel, Fairbanks, Alaska

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From Day one, Ramin was by my side, step-by-step, helping me refinance my hotel. I have had to go through a lot of trouble to get the loan; it was not only a lengthy and time consuming process but there were many glitches and setbacks along the way. Nevertheless, Ramin was there every time I needed him, everything was done in a timely manner, and he has done far more than needed to get me that loan. During critical times, he would offer sound advice. The best things about working with Ramin are his patience, dedication, knowledge, and excellent record keeping. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Ramin and Scientific Capital Group to anyone.

Bud Patel

Holiday Inn Express, Waller, Texas

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Ramin has played a pivotal role in countless transactions we have worked on together. He is truly a hands-on hotel financing specialist and is meticulous in his efforts to ensure that every deal funds and closes on time. I strongly recommend Ramin to anyone looking to finance a hospitality project nationwide.

Danny Givertz
Vice President, Hunter Hotel (Los Angeles)
Since 2006, I have referred all of my clients to Ramin Mostaan of Scientific Capital for their hotel financing requirements. As a former CPA I am very particular about how financial information is presented to potential lenders and Ramin does this exceptionally well. Ramin also takes the initiative to assist my clients with many of the other details pertinent to the hotel acquisition such as property inspection reporting, franchising and title review in order to present my client and the acquisition as favorably as possible to potential lenders. Ramin has made some of my most difficult transactions possible. As a commercial real estate agent my clients relationships are the most important part of my business and I feel very comfortable entrusting my clients to Ramin for their hotel acquisition financing requirements.”

David Bowman
Executive Vice President, Newgen Advisory

The best part of working with Ramin Mostaan was how smoothly things went. Ramin was very professional and personable in getting things done. It was very pleasant working with him. Our phone calls and emails were responded in timely manner and never a delay from them. I would definitely refer them to my hotelier friends in need of a financial advise.

Dhruv Shah

Red Roof Inn, Winchester, Virginia

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The amount of value Ramin adds to our deals is unparalleled. I never saw anyone in my professional journey who is so much on top of the game. I'm blessed to have Ramin as a team member and I look forward to closing many more deals in the future. 

HD Patel


Ephant Group

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We recently closed on the Ramada Greensburg, PA. It was a very complex deal and Scientific Capital Group was instrumental in financing this deal. Ramin Mostaan of SCG was referred to us by Industry leaders and he far exceeded our expectations. He ensured that we were hand held through the entire process. Right from helping us getting our Personal Financial statements prepared in the way the lenders would like to see to getting us ready for the interview with the lenders to finding the right insurance for the property, he helped us through and through. The deal was complex as the property was bank owned and did not have certifiable Financial statements. He went out of his way to call up the local county office to get the use and sales tax information on the property for the past three years. It was not easy to do that but he made it happen. Getting the Use and Sales tax information was the key to verify P&L information , which could not be certified by the previous owners. Ramin was available whenever we had any questions , whether it be weeknights or weekends. He has a very pleasing personality and he always ensured that our interest was protected at all times. It was a real pleasure dealing with Ramin and we would recommend him to anybody seeking Hotel financing. The highlight of the deal was that it had to be done in 45 days and HE MADE IT HAPPEN well within our time frame by financing not just the property but also the accompanying PIP. Thanks Ramin and Scientific Capital

Harry Bhavnani

Ramada Inn, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

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Hello Mr. Ramin: I don’t know how to write but you know how I feel becuse I know if you did not get us a loan in 2008 for the purchase of this hotel, I would never ever would have been a hotel owner and I appreciate this all my life. It is not easy in America to get a hotel loan without credit like us who came from london, not only you got the loan but you worked on so many other obstacles that was not your duty for the loan. With all the issues we had with our partners, if any other lender were working on our loan, he would have given up. Even though we were new in US and not as knowledgable in the financing, you treated us kindly and professionally. Even though we were trying to refinance for a while, you waited and only refinanced us when you knew financing would be beneficial for us. We will always work with you and definitely recommend you to other hoteliers.

Hasmukh and Kalpna Patel

Comfort Suites, Salinas, California

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Ramin: Thank you once again for helping us secure loan for Holiday Inn Express and Suites. We have always liked the way you handle project from beginning until closing. Really like the way you deal with lenders, insurance companies and franchise on our behalf. We have always got excellent loan terms because of you. Any question we have you have promptly responded through text message or email. We will definitely use your service in the future and will recommend your name to any one we know who needs assistance securing financing. Thank you once again for getting us amazingly low interest rate and loan terms on conventional loan.

Hemal Shah

Holiday Inn And Express, Claypool, VA

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Ramin: I would like to thank you for helping us getting financing through SBA. Getting financing for Hotel acquisition in times like this is very tough, but with your knowledge and hard work you made it possible for us. Thanks again we really appreciate all that you have done for us and staying on top of everything even small things like inspections and getting involved and making sure its done correctly for us. We really liked the way you communicate with Bank, sba representative and franchise on our behalf. During this process the way you guided us on every step made us beleive in you. We again thank you for getting us financing in the appropriate time frame which you had mentioned to us from the beginning. We will definitely recommend you if some one needs help in getting financing. In future if we ever need help in getting financing, we will surely contact you.

Hemal Shah

Sleep Inn, Walterboro, South Carolina

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When we first heard about Ramin Mostaan, the first thing that went through our mind was “here we go again” because we had somany bad experiences in getting the loan for the hotel. Partly was our poor preparation and presentation and partly was the brokers who claimed that they were professionals but did not know how to handle the real complex situations. As time passed, i started realizing that Ramin has three great qualities: listening to us, asking question to collect sufficient information about our business, and helping us plan our business in order to qualify for financing. Ramin is THE MOST tenacious professional I have worked with. He is very through, process and detailed oriented a skill gained from his engineering backgroup. He is a hard worker with great follow up. He made us learn the entire SBA Refinancing process and taught us the importance of applying proper bookkeeping to qualify for future financing projects . I strongly believe that you will not find any better broker than Mr. Ramin Mostaan in financing your hotel. I will be very happy to talk with you if you need more information.

Jay Isharani
Travelodge, Columbia, South Carolina

Wow! What can I say. Like most hoteliers, we have been through a lot over the past few years. Buying our hotel at the peak in 2007, putting significant capital into a renovation in 2008, and going through the recession starting 2009, has been having significant impact on our family. Through all of these hard years, our family had to continually pick up loans with high interest rates that ate away our profits. Fighting our way through all of this has made us stronger and smarter hoteliers, but we were still barely keeping afloat. That’s when I contacted Ramin in September of 2013 and told him our story. I explained to him the significant credit and liquidity issues we faced and asked if he thought there was a way we could refinance and get our mortgage down to where it should have been all along. Thus began a rigorous journey that lasted almost a year. He walked this 26 year old young hotelier who had zero knowledge on how to get a loan through every aspect of the finance world. He helped me with the credit reports and got our business financial statements in order. He used his contacts to get us a deal that would get my family and I out of this financial nightmare we were in. He argued with bank that we were credit worthy clients after they initially declined us. Once the bank finally approved us, we needed approval from the SBA, which he once again had to fight on our behalf. He appealed the SBA’s decline even when the bank thought it was a waste of time to file the appeal. He never stopped working and would constantly keep me in the loop of what was going on. We finally closed the loan last week and I can say that it truly might not have been possible to achieve it without Ramin and the Scientific Capital. If you need help with getting a hotel loan all I can tell you is to call Ramin as he will fight to get you a fair deal. Thanks to Ramin we have formed a partnership with him that will continue to thrive now and well into the future!

Jaskaran Malhan

Comfort Inn, Irving, Texas


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Ramin: Thank you for your hard work. It is very hard to find a broker who is honest and dedicated to his clients. In today’s financial world it is extremly difficult to get financing due to new rules but you never gave up. I look forward to work with you in the future.Thank you again.

Jay Patel
Econolodge, Portland, Oregon

Ramin: Thank you so very much for all of your help in securing our loan for our new hotel Country Inn and Suites here in McDonough Ga. You were very organized and professional but more importantly kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just another loan customer. You stand above the rest, Ramin!!! Our hats off to you!!!

Jignesh and Truptesh Bhakta

Country Inn And Suites, Mcdonough, GA

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Passport Advisory Group has worked with Scientific Capital Group on numerous occasions in the past ten years, both in good times and during the recession. We have found Ramin Mostaan to always be efficient and professional. We recommend to our clients using Scientific Capital and their value of securing funding rather than “going it alone”. Ramin has been able to analyze our transactions and identify what lender would have an appetite for any particular escrow. With this ability our clients are able to avoid “shopping” their loan request, get preferred terms and close the transaction quickly and smoothly.

Joe Wolosz
Principal and Founder, Passport Advisory Group, Inc.

Ramin achieved the impossible! I had almost given up hope to find anyone that would take me on as a client. The business took a massive hit during the recession and resulted in Primary and secondary loans to default, property at one point in time had liens placed by the city, county, and the state…. Anyway, I have never worked with anyone as committed as Ramin. My testimonial would end up as long as a book if I wrote all that he did for me. He bent over backward; I didn’t know people still did that anymore. Lastly, if you are reading this review, you should be calling Ramin as it will be the best financial decision you will ever make. I look forward to working with Ramin again in the future. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to Ramin if any of them are in need of hotel financing.

John Bhakta

Best Western, San Antonio, TX

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Ramin: Congratulations and thanks to you on successfully funding our acquisition of Sleep Inn & Suites. In this time, where funding is really scarce and lenders are very skeptical to loan money; you are doing a great job preparing, presenting and convincing lenders. It would have been impossible to close this loan without your expertise, and this statement is not just a simple praise; because this property we acquired from bankruptcy, where no financial information was available to verify. Your knowledge of the whole process and use of all the avenues of financing makes me feel comfortable as a buyer of hotel that funding will be taken care by you, making it one less thing to worry! You efficiently manage every single aspect of loan; bank, SBA, franchise, appraisal, inspections etc. Anybody would appreciate your detail oriented work. This was our second project managed by you and I am sure we will use your service in future. I would certainly recommend Ramin for any hotel loan. He should be included as a team member of your project from beginning so you can use his expertise from evaluating of the project to closing of deal.

Kalpak Shah

Sleep Inn, Chesapeake, Virginia

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Ramin! What a pleasure working with you. You made everything so easy even though we knew it was not. Your expertise and insights are invaluable. You are the main person who brings every stake holder together to get it done. Our deepest gratitude.

Kunal Shah

Managing Member

Holiday Inn Express, Salem, Ohio

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This is my 2nd deal with Ramin. His services are excellent and co-operative right from gathering documents, working with other partners and the franchisor. His knowledge is extraordinary on title, escrow, hotel loans, and the SBA loans. I have been contacted by several brokers to do the loan for this purchase but with my prior experience with Ramin, I stayed with him and he did justify my decision to be a wise one.

Manish Trivedi

Quality Inn, Exmore, VA

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I am writing to thank you for all your tremendous help guiding us through our recent Hotel refinancing through SBA. Thanks again and really appriciate all that you have done to get us through the whole daunting task of sba Loan process, documentation and co-ordination of documents as well as communication between Bank, SBA, and our partners, the attorneys, and others. Knowing we could depend on you to respond quickly to questions and concerns with accurate information made the process much easier. You provided sound guidance when needed and patience when we required. In this difficult economy, we understand the added difficulty of securing refinance deals and very much appreciate the experience with which you were able to accomplish the task. Thank you again and should we find ourselves in need of loan assistance in the future, we will not hesitate to call you.

Maninder Singh

Kiva Hotel, Texas

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Ramin: We contacted you to help with the refinancing of our motel; however you exceeded our expectations and you were very resourceful. You informed us of a process we knew little about. We also know that you have obtained the maximum amount of loan that we were entitled to. Your dedication to our business is highly appreciated. The financial advice and the high level of service that you provided to us was invaluable. In particular your attention to detail and explanation at every stage during the loan procedure was clear and informative. We could not have succeeded without your help and will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family.

Manny Singh

Super 8, Nevada

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Ramin: I like to start by thanking you for helping me finance my hotel especially in this tough economy. You have conducted and managed this process through phone and emails which in a very professional manner. SBA loan process is lengthy and time consuming. Your management of time and communication with the owner, the city, and the accountant for the collection of the necessary documents and your analysis and presentation to the lender and specially the appraiser was a major factor for success. You have tremendous knowledge of financing and hotel operations and how to get financing done in any economic environment. I have noticed an important trait in your work ethic that you give best advice to a client according to his needs and not according to your own gains. For example as I do not require a new loan for my second hotel, you were very honest and gave me advice against getting a new loan at this time because I am better off with current loan. If it weren’t for you, I would have financed it losing significant profits I wouldn’t hesitate recommending your services to family and friends and when you think it is beneficial for me to refinance the other hotel, just start the process please.

Mitesh Gajjar
Welcome Inn, Fresno, California

Ramin was great! He was kind and very helpful, and he definitely went above and beyond what I expected. Normally, when people say they are going to help out they do what needs to be done, but Ramin went above and beyond what he was suppose to do. He followed up after every step of the way to make sure we got everything we needed, and to just make sure that we had all the information we needed to succeed. He even helped us with our bookkeeper and insurance agent just to ensure that everything went well. I would definitely recommend working with Ramin.

Mukesh Chopra

Holiday Motel And Cascade Lodge, Bend, OR

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Mr. Ramin Mostaan, President of Scientific Capital Group, Inc., is a Man of Intelligence, Integrity, Knowledge, and Wisdom in the field of hotel financing. His contacts and connections are wide and varied. He could get refinancing to my full service hotel with persistent efforts and steadfast principles. When our conventional loan was becoming due and the Bank that I have been with could not consider renewal due to technicalities and few other Banks also turned down our project, Mr. Mostaan took over from there and succeeded in getting me refinance including additional funding for a significant PIP. I whole heartedly recommend him to businesses in Progress & Distress both. He is capable of assistance to genuine and needy.

Col Nataraj V Kote MBA,CPA,CHA,CGMA

Clarion Hotel, Indiana

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Ramin was the perfect partner for us when refinancing our property. Ramin is an exceptionally straight forward and committed individual. He ensured the entire financing process went smoothly and promptly replied to any questions/concerns. We would definitely recommend Ramin’s services to others in the industry who are looking to secure financing.

Nilesh Shah

Red Roof Inn, Winchester, VA

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Ramin: Your experience in finance industry was invaluable to me since you knew what was needed from me before we started. Your contacts were very helpful in order to get this project financed. This being my first time going with a loan broker, I was very satisfied and relieved that I didn’t have to go through with so much paperwork even though we did so much anyways. It could have been worse. So thank you for all the help with this project and more to come in future.

Nrupen(Nick) Patel

Rpdeway Inn, Fresno, CA

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I would like to thank you Ramin, for helping us secure finance through SBA during COVID pandemic where most banks were highly skeptical for any new finance.but with your knowledge and hard work you made it possible for us. Throughout the process, Ramin stayed on top of everything and involved in making sure it is done correctly. He was always available to answer any concern we had, In-fact Ramin reached out to us more than we did to make sure all each step was executed correctly in a timely manner. We will always work with Ramin and highly recommend to other hoteliers.

Parimal Patel

Comfort Inn Of Pittsburgh, PA

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Of all days today I wished emails would carry emotions – because if it did, then you would have really seen and felt how appreciative and thankful my family and I are for this successful transaction of ours – so a BIG BIG thank you to you. My family and I greatly appreciate everything you did to see this one over the line. Also, thanks for your perseverance and tenacity – though I wasn’t involved first hand in lender negotiation, I am sure it took a lot of it to get an agreement from the bank for this re-fi to be funded. Also, throughout this whole process, I always appreciated your honest and frank feedback and opinions about things, and, more importantly, your prompt and timely response to my questions and requests. through your perseverance and tenacity, you were able to deliver on what you had undertaken and I greatly appreciate that. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future. And, I will also be referring you to my friends and families for their hotel financing needs.

Pinal Patel
Sunland Motel, Mesa, AZ Sunland Motel, Mesa, AZ

On behalf of the Best Hotels LLC, I would like to thank Ramin for tremendous support and coaching during this financing process. For us, this was our first project and not knowing much about the hotel financing process, we contacted Ramin. On first day of the email correspondence, he sent us a table with loan structure stating loan amount, fees, PIP, down payments etc. This was very impressive to me and my team as to clarity of information was given instantly and confusion was removed for numbers. During the loan process, we hit a road bump with our 1st selected bank after 6 weeks. Ramin quickly found another bank and close the loan within 45 days. It was a fast recover and we were able to meet deadline. Communication was excellent through the process and kept us updated on each step. Once again, our sincere thanks to Ramin for an excellent financing partner.

Pravin Mistry

Microtel, Elkhart, IN

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This is the our 3rd hotel loan I have financed through Scientific Capitol Group since 2008. Ramin has identified each deal to its true potential and has taken it to the right source for financing. Ramin, You have helped and guided us in our business to reach our goals. You are a very knowledgeable financial advisor in addition to being the most dependable hotel loan broker. The difference between you and some other brokers we have worked with is that you always delivered what you had undertaken. During these hard times you have been amazing.

Priya Dias

Suburban Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Ramin: We must thank you for getting us out of the hole. We will certainly recommend you to all our hotelier friends and family. One thing i like about you is that you keep asking borrowers to furnish the required information in advance for Lenders before they even ask you to supply them. You stay on top on each issue regardless it is minor or major. You are very proactive and pragmatic man and that passion gets you more business in your line.

Rajendrakumar Patel and Piyush Patel

Quality Inn, Thief River, MN

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I really enjoyed working with you on the loan for our Holiday Inn in Hoover Alabama. The time essentially was the key factor for this loan and we made it. We closed this loan less then 6 weeks of the day of signed commitment letter. It was a challenge and you proved your ability . We had the issue with appraisal and you found the appropriate legal way to take care it. I will be fortunate to work with you in the future and love to recommend you to others. Let me know if I can further assist you.

Rashmi (Ray) Thakor

Holiday Inn, Hoover, Alabama

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Hello Ramin: First of all, I like to thank you for closing the deal for us. Your professionalism and dedication from the very beginning is admirable. You understand what a buyer needs and in our case you made things happen for us by getting in touch with the right bank. Throughout the process, you have communicated promptly, answered all questions in a timely manner. To sum this up, very impressed doing business with you and looking forward to doing many more deals in the future.

Sadrul Amin

Microtel Of Cartersville, GA

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It was a pleasure to work with you. You did such a wonderful job in a short period of time as you had promised. You got us the approval and then closed on time as promised. You were very professional in your work and performance and now that we closed, proven to be true. I will sure work with you again and do highly recommend you to all the hoteliers I know and I am sure they will be as happy as I was working with you. Thank you Ramin for all your great help in our loan and great great Job and I am looking forward to many more deals in the future. Thank u so much and to all hoteliers who read this, work with Ramin because he is Amazing!

Sam and Devanshi Patel
Magnuson M Star Hotel, Searcy, Arkansas
This letter of recommendation is for Ramin, an exceptional loan officer and person. I would like to strongly recommend Ramin as he is a very dedicated individual who works hard for his clients and follows through on every part of the process that is under his purvey in a very meticulous manner. Ramin is a very soft spoken and direct man and extremely knowledgeable about the regulations and requirements needed to qualify and to select a lender for a project. Ramin works at the convenience of the client and as he has done in this very difficult SBA loan for us, he held an after-hour meeting in the evening to get all of us five partner’s updates and feedback to avoid delays in the project. Ramin is very knowledgeable in the hotel industry and keep his clients like us informed of the market. Ramin goes the extra miles to help his clients such as helping one of our partners clear up his record with the national SBA database due to errors caused by a prior SBA lender. Ramin recognizes the importance of getting the loan closed and communicates will all parties in the transaction including the franchise officials. We will be working with Ramin for sure in the near future and will highly recommend him for his professionalism and dedication and will be sending his way any future friends or business partners that need help in getting a hotel loan.

Sarju Patel
Rodeway Inn Of Crescent City, CA
Dear Ramin: You have been wonderful to work with. I had not expected my loan work to go so smooth. You had been excellent in communication and had been on top of everything all the time. We both know that it was little hard to get all the papers from my partner in the timely manner and you managed to do things in time. I am glad that I came to you for my loan needs and will gladly refer you to my other friends who may be needing loan for their venture. Hope you will continue helping us in our new construction venture as well. Sharad Patel Baymont Inn, Rockhill, South Carolina

Our experience working with Ramin Mostaan has been an excellent!! Mr. Mostaan was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Bank are tedious when it comes to SBA loans, his tremendous experience helped us navigate through the tedious SBA application process with ease. As a first-time hotel buyer with SBA loans process Ramin was the best navigator one could get. Our loan process was complex as the documents where to be sent back and forth from 4 different state. But only and only because of Mr. Ramin’s experience and presence of mind he made the impossible POSSIBLE It still amazes us how quickly we were approved and started our career as a first hotel owner. Ramin will always be the first name for me when it comes to any future loan for me or my relatives. He is extremely intelligent when it comes to submitting and maintain your document for current or future loans. Looking forward to an ongoing business relationship for many years to come!! RAMIN YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Tejas Barot

Super8, Redfield, SD

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Glad to say that Ramin’s engagement brought value and benefit to my investment. I would work with Ramin in a heart beat again and again so happy with him on a business and personal relationship. Thank you so much for everything.

Tony Farooq

La Quinta Inn, Missoula, Montana

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I was a first time buyer of a franchise hotel and in need of securing financing to purchase the property. So, based on recommendation from a close family member of mine, we decided to contact Ramin Mostaan of Scientific Capital. Ramin was absolutely great to work with from day one. All interactions were totally professional, timely, and supportive. Ramin’s extensive knowledge of the hotel industry and his industry contacts made my journey of obtaining and securing SBA loan financing effortless. I hope to be working again with Ramin with any future investment opportunities that may come my way. Thank you.

Vimal Patel

Microtel Of Ardmore, OK

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Ramin:Thank you very much for your help to getting financing for Red Roof Inn North Indianapolis. You have been extremely knowledgeable, professional, and instrumental in our deal. I admire your depth of knowledge in hospitality financial business. I have learned a lot from you ever since I meet you and you financed my Motel 6 of Evensville. I am looking forward to work with you for my next project without any hesitation. I will recommends you to all my hotelier friends. Again you have been extremely helpful, and hardworking gentlemen, and scholar. Thank you very very much for your timely effort and support.

Vipul Shah

Red Roof Inn, Indianpolis, In And Motel 6, Evensville, IN

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Ramin:You were the right consultant for this tough project. Not only you have an extensive network of lenders and vendors, but are rational and detail oriented to get a sophisticated project completed successfully. Your presentation of my business and my project to the lenders was a major factor in getting this financing happen. I will continue working with you in my future business endeavors.

Vishal Patel

Ashland Motel, Oregon

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From the moment Ramin Mostaan from Scientific Capital Group, Inc called me I felt a sense of honesty. I was nervous about working with someone based on past experiences, but Ramin was honest and informative. He knew my urgency and how I needed this deal to be close as fast as he can. He explained the process clearly very straight forward. This was important to me since I was a first time business buyer. And he allowed me to ask the most minute questions, and he answered them in a way I could understand. I trust what he tells me and feel excited about my future goals.” To sum up, he is highly professional, honest, knowledgeable and responsive and always looking out for my best interests.
Yatin PatelRamin has been great to work with. He was quick to respond to any question that we had and has helped us every step of our loan. We were glad that we contacted Him. He made sure on the first conversation that our loan would get done and he got it done. He has been extremely patient with us and our questions throughout the whole process. He had us ready for all the steps before hand. We hand excellent experience from the our first conversation to the closing. Ramin is very knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced in his field. He always kept us updated with the progress of the loan. He has our business for all our future projects.
Thank you.Thank you very much Ramin
Brijesh Patel

Yatin Patel and Brijesh Patel

Augusta Budget Inn, Augusta, GA

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