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Financing the Purchase of Motel with Projections in Virginia

Lebanon, VA

Financing a turn-around hotel project with downward revenue trends and negative cashflow requires a number of factors and an SBA 7a loan can be a viable option for the financing program. In these cases, the global cash flow of the guarantors, their liquidity, and their experience are the major factors in the loan qualification and the approval. There have to be a viable strategy behind the projections and evidence that the current management’s strategies are responsible for the losses and the buyer’s strategies will turn the corner. We closely examine the current operations, identify the factors causing the revenue losses, and teams up with our client to determine the turn around strategies and will then present the complete scenario to our lenders for approval.

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What differentiates us from the others is loyalty of our clients. Here is the other hotels that we financed for this client not to mention a number of referrals that we got from this client.

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