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in South Carolina

Sleep Inn
Walterboro, SC

The closing of the Sleep Inn in South Carolina is another completed 7a project that worth attention. In majority of today’s acquisitions or even refinances, sellers/owners list a number of personal expenses, exceptional non-recurring charges, and expenses related to other businesses owned by the sellers/owners. In general, lenders do accommodate limited add-backs that are provable, unambiguous, and transparent. Payroll or checks made to the owners and owner’s family members or to the owner’s other businesses are justified and provable. Professional fees such as legal fees, gas and transportation, commingled expenses for other hotels, etc. will probably be vague and hard to prove. The goal then is to focus on minimum number of larger more direct and provable add backs to measure the cash flow.

What Our Client Thinks of Us

Ramin: I would like to thank you for helping us getting financing through SBA. Getting financing for Hotel acquisition in times like this is very tough, but with your knowledge and hard work you made it possible for us. Thanks again we really appreciate all that you have done for us and staying on top of everything even small things like inspections and getting involved and making sure its done correctly for us. We really liked the way you communicate with Bank, sba representative and franchise on our behalf. During this process the way you guided us on every step made us beleive in you. We again thank you for getting us financing in the appropriate time frame which you had mentioned to us from begining. We will definately recommend you if some one needs help in getting financing. In future if we ever need help in getting financing, we will surely contact you.

Thank You
Hemal Shah

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