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Our Business Model

Scientific Capital is a national hotel finance brokerage company founded in 2003 in Irvine, California with the mission to accomplish the following goals:

Life-time Relationship

Apply the “Segmentation of one” principle where every hotelier client relationship is distinguished based on client’s specific immediate and long-term business plans, unique personal traits and characteristics, and particular expectations of a business relationship where we focus on the life-time client relationship rather than a single financing transaction.

Expertise and Knowledge

Establish Scientific Capital as a reliable source of hotel financing knowledge empowering the hoteliers to make the most appropriate financing decisions throughout their investment lifetime.

Minimize Risk

Minimize opportunity costs and manage risks through relentlessly persistent and technically efficient management of the hotel financing and acquisition transactions that otherwise may fail to close.

In 2018 and after years of financing hotels and being exposed to the Hindu culture, we chose to change the color of our logo to blue and yellow as these two colors were the most representative of our business model:


Inspired by Lord Rama and Krishna, this color represents determination, the ability to deal with difficult situations, the stable mind, and the depth of character. Many loans that were possibly not doable by others were closed by us because:
  • Our strong ability to analyze the projects and to find solutions and consensus among many stake holders
  • Our determination and perseverance to battle all challenges to reach the finish line. As a client once commented “You just never give up”
Lord Rama
Lord Krishna


Inspired by Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and Lord Ganesha, this color represents competence and knowledge. We believe at Scientific Capital that our focus and specialization in hotels has given us deep knowledge in this industry that help us fund challenging projects
Lord Vishnu
Lord Ganesha

Our principal and founder Ramin

With extensive background in strategizing international call center design and managing multi-million-dollar mission critical projects for the fortune 500, Ramin Mostaan brings a unique blend of project management expertise and business acumen into the world of hospitality finance.

Having designed advanced systems to achieve customer loyalty and retention for companies such as Swiss Bank, Hewlett Packard, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Schwab, and Wells Fargo, Ramin founded Scientific Capital on the “principle of mutual dependency” in which clients will continually depend on Scientific Capital’s knowledge, trusted advice, and guidance to make the right financing decisions and Scientific Capital will in turn continually depend on client’s trust and loyalty to remain a profitable industry leader.

To emphasize the unique disciplined approach in managing the financing transactions inspired by his background in Engineering, Ramin elected to use the term “Scientific” as part of the company’s name.

Ramin Mostaan holds a B.S. Degree in Computer Science Engineering from the Ohio State University and a broker license from the California Department of Real Estate.

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