Scientific Capital

$xxx Million Loan Request for the

Refinance of the

Super 8 of Dodge City, KS

Terms and Conditions

You are given access to this loan proposal memorandum because Scientific Capital has determined that you (LENDER) have indicated that you have interest in reviewing this loan request and the lending capacity in offering this loan. The information provided in this memorandum is confidential and may only be shared with LENDER’s internal staff and should not be shared with other lenders, brokers, vendors, and third parties unless authorized by Scientific Capital. LENDER is not authorized to pull credit from the borrowers unless the borrowers have signed LENDER’s authorization form.

This memorandum is prepared by Ramin Mostaan and any questions or comments should be directed to him at the following contact information:

Ramin Mostaan
Scientific Capital
949 477 5000 (Office)
949 302 8300 (Cell)

Transaction Overview


Project Strength

Project Challenges

Proposed Financing Structure

Proposed Collaterals

Sources of Repayment

Hotel's Financials and Information




Demand Generators and Customer Segmentation

STAR reports


Borrower Financials and Background

Borrowing Entity Structure

Guarantor Financials

Vivek Loomba