Scientific Capital

Financing the Lease to Purchase of Hotel in Oklahoma

Microtel Inn & Suites
Ardmore, OK

This project was best fit under the SBA 7a program. In most cases when future projection of revenue is used to qualify a loan, and specially if the borrowers are first time buyers, the government guaranteed programs such as the SBA or the USDA are the most suitable loan programs to use. One of the major requirements of an SBA loan is the proof of equity. Most often, buyers scramble to put togehter the equity from a number of accounts without thinking of the seasonality required by the SBA which states that the funds used as equity should have been in the account for 3 months. The proof needed is three last consecutive statements showing the balance of that account not falling in any single day below the amount of equity being used from that account. The challenge in case of a lease to purchase is that the lease has started in the past with the lessee unaware of the SBA requirements. Since the lease’s non-refundable deposit is applied to the downpayment at the time of excercising the lease to purchase option, it is a major task for Scientific Capital to organize and provide proof of all sources of funds used at the time of the lease and to qualify the project for the SBA. This task is even more complex if the initial lease deposit were sourced from small personal loans and gifts from the friends and the family. Gifts are acceptable but the gifter has to be willing to sign and sometimes notarize a gift letter. Money borrowed from friends and family may be acceptable if the borrower has at least injected 10% of the borrower’s own equity.

What Our Client Thinks of Us

Ramin: I was a first time buyer of a franchise hotel and in need of securing financing to purchase the property. So, based on recommendation from a close family member of mine, we decided to contact Ramin Mostaan of Scientific Capital. Ramin was absolutely great to work with from day one. All interactions were totally professional, timely, and supportive. Ramin’s extensive knowledge of the hotel industry and his industry contacts made my journey of obtaining and securing SBA loan financing effortless. I hope to be working again with Ramin with any future investment opportunities that may come my way. Thank you.
Vimal Patel
Managing Member

A major differentiator between us and the others is the loyalty of our clients. Once we closed this project, Vimal referred us to the Microtel's sellers, Jiten and Dipak. We successfully completed their project as well.

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