Scientific Capital

Financing the Purchase and Conversion of Hotel

with Projections in Ohio

Conversion of Townplace by Marriott to Mainstay by Choice Hotels
Worthington, OH

Conversion of a hotel from a higher brand to a lower brand is fairly difficult. In general, a conversion implies revenue increase due to renovations or higher brand ADR. The challenge in this porject was to prove to the lenders that the revenue will not suffer with this conversion and in fact will grow. The research, the business model and the projections for the viability of this conversion, and the selection of a lender who would buyout the projections were the contribution of the Scientific Capital. In nearly all such cases, the competetors focus on SBA loans while at Scientific Capital, we do take the right approach of finding a solutions that that is suitable for the project. As such this loan was funded with a conventional one at 75% Loan to Value with very reasonable rate fixed for five years reseting every five. A 25 year amortization helped the cashflow in this conversion with reduced debt service.

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