Scientific Capital

Refinance and Debt Consolidation of Independent

Motels with Conventional Loans in Oregon

Holiday Inn and Cascade Inn
Bend, OR

Scientific Capital arranges 1.2 million for the consolidation refinancing of Holiday Motel and Cascade Lodge of Bend, OR. Many hoteliers in tertiary markets are in dire need to refinance, consolidate a number of credit lines and cards, cash out to finance major renovations, get lower rates and better terms, release cross collaterals on their other properties by their bank, or simply to end a banking relationship and start a new mutually beneficial one. Unfortunately, in these markets, options are limited to the few local community banks. The national lenders are only focused on SBA loans and avoid conventional loans for economy brand hotels in these markets. This is where Scientific Capital comes to assist these hoteliers with options that otherwise is not visible to these hoteliers. In this case, our client was in need of financing for all of his hotels, but unfortunately, he had no options for a conventional loan in this market that could consolidate a number of credit lines. Scientific Capital was able to finance the two motels through out of state lenders and consolidate the other loans helping the cash flow with a single monthly mortgage payment instead of multiple loans with high payments and high interest rates.

What Our Client Thinks of Us

Ramin was great! He was kind and very helpful, and he definitely went above and beyond what I expected. Normally, when people say they are going to help out they do what needs to be done, but Ramin went above and beyond what he was suppose to do. He followed up after every step of the way to make sure we got everything we needed, and to just make sure that we had all the information we needed to succeed. He even helped us with our bookkeeper and insurance agent just to ensure that everything went well. I would definitely recommend working with Ramin.
Mukesh Chopra
Pankaj Chopra

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A major differentiator between us and the others is the loyalty of our clients. Here is a hotel we financed for Mr. Kumar who had referred us to Mukesh and Pankaj.

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