Scientific Capital

Financing the Purchase of a Hotel in Slidell

with $7 million SBA 504 Green loan

Hampton Inn
Slidell, LA

When it is not feasible to obtain a conventional loan for a hotel, we turn to other programs, one of which is SBA 504. In this case, there were few negative factors that made this loan not palatable for conventional lenders. The buyer is from west coast and will not reside in the area and any regional bank will not have a chance to build relationship and upsell financial services not to mention the risk of having absentee owner operating the hotel. This Hampton was acquired in 2018 with PIP and renovation starting in 2019. However, with Covid hitting in 2020, the PIP completed at the end of 2021. With lack of sufficient historical cashflow, the conventional lender can only count on trailing 12 for sufficient cashflow which makes it a projection based financing. With such negatives, we often turn to other programs such as SBA 504, USDA, and others. In this project we opted to use SBA 504 green since the buyer already exhausted most of the 5 million allocation and with this program, one would get a fresh 5 million allocation for a new acquisition. 

Our Performance Review

The following is the review we received of this hotel transaction:

Working with Ramin was a delight. We had a very compressed timeframe and not only was he able to get the deal done in time, but also got the buyer very good terms. He works very quickly and showed problem solving skills throughout the transaction. When working with Ramin, you are in good hands. I highly recommend Ramin, and look forward to doing business with him in the future.
Lucas Mondino
Marcus & Millichap

Our Other Projects With This Client

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