Scientific Capital

Financing the Purchase of a Leased Hotel in Tennessee

Fairfield Inn & Suites
Clinton, TN

Scientific Capital arranges an $8.32 million conventional loan for the acquisition of the Fairfield Inn & Suites of Tennessee. In 2021, the buyer leased the hotel and is now exercising his option to purchase it. The loan is a 5-year term 25-year amortized loan with attractive rate helping this hotelier plan the budget for the next five years. 

What Our Client Thinks of Us

Ramin, you are at the top of the game on what you do and when it comes to working with a hotel financing adviser, you are as good as it gets. I am looking forward to doing many deals with you.
HD Patel
Ephant Group

Our Other Projects With This Client

What differentiates us from the others is loyalty of our clients. Here is the other hotels that we financed for this client not to mention a number of referrals that we got from this client.
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