Scientific Capital

Financing the Purchase and conversion of

Hotel to Red Roof Inn

Comfort Inn
Pittsburgh, PA

This project included the drop of the Choice hotel franchise and conversation to the Redroof Inn. The lack of consistent historical cashflow for this new loan amount meant that the projections were key in securing a loan approval. Scientific Capital worked closely with the borrower and the Redroof franchise to plan a very detailed two-year monthly Profit and Loss projection to justify the future revenues and the profits and the ability of the hotel to cashflow the new SBA loan. The key for this projection is the assumptions that and the logic behind the projections that Scientific Capital prepares as part of this projection.

What Our Client Thinks of Us

I would like to thank you Ramin, for helping us secure finance through SBA during COVID pandemic where most banks were highly skeptical for any new finance.but with your knowledge and hard work you made it possible for us. Throughout the process, Ramin stayed on top of everything and involved in making sure it is done correctly. He was always available to answer any concern we had, In-fact Ramin reached out to us more than we did to make sure all each step was executed correctly in a timely manner. We will always work with Ramin and highly recommend to other hoteliers.
Parimal Patel: Buyer/Managing Member
Ashish (Alen) Patel: Seller
Parimal Patel and his wife visiting us at the AAHOA 2022 in Los Angeles

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What differentiates us from the others is the loyalty of our clients. Parimal and Alen were referred to us by Dhrumit and Karan Shah

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