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Hotel CMBS Non-Recourse loan checklist


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Part 1: Financial information of the sponsor

1) Download the following zip file. It is an excel form with two tabs, one for your real estate under personal ownership, the other all your businesss partnerships (affiliates)

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2) Last statements for checking and saving account, stock and IRA/401K account, and the life insurance if there is a cash surrender value

3) Last mortgage statement for all real estate owned

4) Consumer Experian and Equifax credit reports from

5) Three years of personal electronic FULL COPY of federal 1040 returns

6) A copy of the drivers license

7) Guarantor’s three years and interim financial statements for all affiliates owned


Part 2: Hotel’s financial information


1) Three years of hotel’s electronic profit and loss and balance sheet

2) Interim profit and loss and balance sheet

3) Monthly trailing12 profit and loss statement

4) Monthly ADR, Occupancy, and Revenue report for the past 3 years and this year

5) Purchase and Sale agreement if it is a purchase

6) Promissory note if it is a refinance

7) Last mortgage statement if it is a refinance

8) A copy of the franchise agreement

9) Last quality inspection report

10) Last Property Improvement Plan (PIP) report if a refinance or the newly issued PIP if this is a purchase

11) STAR reports for the prior month and December of the past 2 years

12) Manager’s statistics report from the franchise management system as of prior day and as of December 31st of the past two years

13) Customer segmentation: percentage of occupancy for the transient, freeway, business, contracts, and others

14) Copy of any business contracts and a list of the top 10 accounts

15) Capital expenditure (Major items and the corresponding costs) for the past two years

16) Hotel specifications: Year built, Rooms (interior/exterior), Number of buildings and floors, square footage of the building and acreage of the land,etc.