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Refinancing Family Transfer Hotel Loan in Texas

Best Western
San Antonio, TX

Sometimes the solution to a refinance may be in a family transfer. In this project, simple refinance would have been very difficult to achieve, instead with the family favorable towards an intrafamily transfer, we structured this financing as a purchase of the hotel by the son from his father. This helped consolidate a number of existing loans including the SBA 504 loans and Texas property tax loans. A key in such a transfer is taking advantage of the franchise intrafamily free transfer clause which does not require a new franchise application/fee for this transaction. Additionally, we were able to leverage an additional collateral to complete this purchase with 100% financing and no down payment from the buyer (son).

It is worth noting here that this project could have been financed through the conventional program, but we were able to increase the loan amount to pay all the costs and the taxes and to reimburse some existing expenditures by going the SBA route.

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Ramin achieved the impossible! I had almost given up hope to find anyone that would take me on as a client. The business took a massive hit during the recession and resulted in Primary and secondary loans to default, property at one point in time had liens placed by the city, county, and the state…. Anyway, I have never worked with anyone as committed as Ramin. My testimonial would end up as long as a book if I wrote all that he did for me. He bent over backward; I didn’t know people still did that anymore. Lastly, if you are reading this review, you should be calling Ramin as it will be the best financial decision you will ever make. I look forward to working with Ramin again in the future. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to Ramin if any of them are in need of hotel financing.
John Bhakta

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