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Financing the Purchase of a Hotel Novice Operators in Missouri

Quality Inn
Platte City, MO


Purchase finance of Quality Inn of Platte City, Missouri


Arranging financing for unseasoned hoteliers specially the newcomers to our industry buying their first hotel is always far more challenging. At Scientific Capital a major portion of our effort is spent on newcomers; Among other activities, we help them quality their subject hotel, hand hold our clients throughout the process, engage with the franchisor in managing the approval process, review and advise on their credit standing and whether they need to contact their creditors or the credit bureaus on their credit history reports, and collaborate with the CPA and the attorney of the buyer in establishing the corporation for the acquisition and receiving the properly prepared financials.The seasoned hoteliers manage many of these activities automatically. The satisfaction of closing an acquisition for the newcomers is however very high and our tireless efforts in these closings is one of the factors for having such a high loyalty from our clients. This client called us after nearly 8 years after they first hired us to help them arrange the financing for their first acquisition of an independent motel in Oregon. This client valued and cherished our efforts back in 2009, when in the heart of the worst recession of the US history, we worked hard to arrange financing of their first acquisition.



What Our Client Thinks of Us


Ramin, what a guy, he is very calm and understanding from the beginning to the end.  Ramin helps evaluate a property to make sure it’s a good fit, cash-flow wise, and how its set with the competition.  There was a few hiccups within the deal, but with Ramin’s positive attitude and can do mentality we kept pushing and acquired this wonderful motel.  Everyone from the appraisal firm, Choice Hotels, survey company, underwriters all mentioned in email communications how detail-orientated and prompt he is on getting items done.  Ramin’s follow up on skills is legendary, border line hall of fame status. Ramin pushed this sale so well that we closed on this property one day before the end of the year. This is our second property we have financed with Ramin, and I see we will do more business with him in the future. Ramin deserves more praise than this review can give, you wont be disappointed if you seek his help in all your financing needs.   Ramin is definitely getting compimentalry hotel stay if he and his family decided to visit Kansas City.

Ajay and Vaishu Bharti
Managing Members

A major differentiator between us and the others is the loyalty of our clients. Here are the other hotel that we financed for this client.

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